Mobile ATM’s for Special Events

ATMs Unlimited offers mobile ATM’s for any type of event- Indoor or outdoor!

We know that planning and running an event is not cheap. You need to make an keep as much money as you can to cover all the cots.

That’s why with a Mobile ATM at your event you make money.

We specialize in sporting events, concerts, fundraisers, expos, festivals, fairs/carnivals etc…, That will make sure your customers have access to the cash they need, and boost your own revenue.

Having available cash in areas where you sell products, boosts sales and decreases the amount you might have to pay in credit card processing fees.

ATMs Unlimited handles all aspects of ATM operation, so you can focus on making your event a success.

  • Deliver and pick up  the ATM
  • Install the ATM
  • Provide Cash replenishment service
  • Fix any issues ( bill jam, wireless dropouts)

Atms Unlimited Is your trusted ATM solution for your Event / Party.


Atms Unlimited stand alone  Atms comes equipped with wireless and Canopy.

Atms Unlimited also can provide a Mobile ATM car that holds 3 or 4 atms.

Please contact us with your event requirement.